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We will start this story out at the beginning and tell you how we ended up here. Please pull up a camp chair and enjoy the story. After all, campers are great folks and love a good story!!

We looked at hundreds of motorhomes prior to making our purchase. One reason we purchased this coach was the workmanship and details that the manufacturer has always excelled at and the reputation of being one of the top manufacturers of motorhomes.

We purchased this coach brand new on May 18, 2018 and took delivery a few weeks later. For purposes of not naming the name of the motorhome or the chassis maker we will try to refer to the motorhome as the “coach” and the drivetrain as the “chassis”. And the “coach” repair shop will be the repair shop!

Prior to taking possession of the coach, the dealer called to tell us there was an issue with the heater control valve and it was stuck on “heat”. They said “it’s a chassis issue so just take it to your local dealer and they can fix it for you”.

We were really excited to get the coach and go do some camping so we went to pick it up and decided this shouldn’t be a huge issue and we would just have it fixed once we got it.

Did we mention that on the way home after taking delivery the carpet covered vent on the passenger’s side fell off and hit my wife’s feet. A little alarming at 65 MPH to say the least.

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